Photo of Emma Clark, digital content producer at Indigo Content.


My name is Emma and I’m a freelance digital content producer based in Melbourne.

With over 10 years of communications and marketing experience in research, health, early childhood, environment, education and film, I’ve worked with clients including The Royal Children’s Hospital, Research Impact Academy and The University of Melbourne.

Here to help you.

I can help you to nurture meaningful connections through useful, clear and persuasive content.

I love teaming up with with nonprofits, creative agencies, researchers, businesses, consultants, startups and government to use content for positive change.

I’m also an Associate of the Research Impact Academy, collaborating with Dr Tamika Heiden and her team to help researchers and research organisations create impact.

Being a part of my clients’ journeys makes me feel happy and humbled every day. There’s so much incredible work out there and it’s a joy to contribute in my own small way.

P.S. Did you know my first client was Enid Blyton?

One more thing, just if you have time to spare. I’ve always been into making content the best it can be and count Enid Blyton as my first client, turning my childhood eagle eyes to editing Muddy-One and Pranky.

If someone had told me as a child that I’d be a content producer, I’d have sworn that the life of a bushranger was for me.

That was until I discovered how important it is to choose your words wisely and that being a park ranger was actually my dream gig.

Nothing much has changed, stories and nature are still at my core.

Thankfully though, I’ve honed my craft over the years and am here to help you too.

Are you an Enid Blyton fan, aspiring bushranger or just curious about how content can work for you? Say hello at or call +61 414 778 615.